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Break and Jump Cue: Which is Best?


Back in 93 Falcon came out with a break/jump cue, 3 pieces and that started that craze. It was a cool cue. Broke really well, mine was 2l.5 oz, a quick release joint, one turn and the butt came off and you had a decent jump cue. I hit the world’s first 11 rail bank with it and Varner and Lee used it to be players of the year so that cue ruled in its day.

The trend today seems to be going to having a play cue, a break cue and a separate jump cue. Carrying around 3 cues is no problem, get a 3 cue 6 shaft case with a long pouch which can hold butts and save room in the case. Tiger Woods does not show up to play Golf with just a driver, he has 14 cues, I use 4 now.

PLAY CUE: I use two. Main cue, PP4 Meucci Red dot shaft H Talisman.
2nd cue, Schuler 19 oz, use 17 shafts make special just for me.

JUMP CUE: The jump cue I use is the stealth; it works perfect and is in 3 pieces. I was the original designer of this cue. They are a little over a C note, $125 if any body wants one, same price for a masse cue as well which I designed as well. I have them both in stock. That is the jump cue I use on the world IAPA artistic tour in competition and in my shows.
Any cue that is 7 ozs or less will work fine. You want a very hard tip filed down thin almost to the ferrule. Some are now using phenolic very hard tips. Others use very hard water buffalo.

BREAK CUES: They are out there and becoming most expensive. Predator has a line that is very popular as is the Sledgehammer. I use a thousand dollar Schuler custome cue with a non maple Bangkok birch shaft with a XX Talisman tip, l9oz.
If that does not work I pull out a 22 oz 2 piece dufferin with the same tip. For me a heavy cue breaks best but the current trend there is towards lighter cues.

Masse cue: I use a schuler and several I built my self to my own specs and needs. They run 19, 22, 24 ozs. If you are not an artistic player you do not need to carry a Masse cue, just grab a house cue for the shot.

Move around to new rooms and attend some bigger tourneys. Ask around and there you will be able to see the latest jump and break cues. Ask some players to let you take a few shots. See what you like and what works for you and then make your own informed decision on what to buy.

Poor mans corner. Play cue, call me, I have a nice cue for $125 that has a real Irish linen wrap, stainless steel joint, pretty cue, will damn near play with a Meucci in feel and performance, not quite, but close. Jump cue, go to a table dealer and buy a 36” ramon wood short cue, put a triangle tip on it and it will jump fine. These cues are really cheap. They are good for at home. They are too long to fit in your case. Break cue, real dufferin house cues are stronger than whale she-yit. You need to know what one looks like because some rooms have an assortment of them and the cheap Chinese crap cues which are not strong. The dufferins have this glass window on the butt which has a Canadian flag inside. The imitations have a window, but no maple leaf. Grab one of those big bad boys off the wall that says 21, scuff up the tip and let that big dawg hunt. Hold it way up front and you can jump over half balls and even Masse well with these.


©Fast Larry Guninger, all rights reserved. Published in DC, bpn, czm, upp, ppt, flp, btt.

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