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Welcome to the official home of "Fast Larry" Guninger, a professional pool and billiards touring pro ranked who played on the world UPA Pro 9-Ball tour for 4 years, 2006 to 2009 and ranked 35th. He is also a former TASA world trick-shot champion. Larry lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  Larry today is an exhibition player, performing trick shot shows and teaching clinics, and running the Power Source pool school, which offers private lessons.  He runs a full billiards store and sells pool tables, cloth, cues, balls and all accessories.

Phone 770-381-6609



Larry was proclaimed to be a billiards expert by Mike Shamos in Billiards Digest. He graduated from the Billiard Congress of America teacher's school and is now a Master level instructor in the Power Source Pool School.

For the last 20 years he has been recognized as one of the top 4 trick shot show entertainers in the USA.  Everyone loves his shows, especially if wonder dog takes part in them.  Larry has been a BCA Business Member listed under FLE POOL LLC for decades.




Larry's UPA men's 9 ball touring pro ranking stayed in the top 50 best players in the world and he was usually the highest ranked artistic player on the 9-ball tour.  He was the highest ranked pro senior player on tour in the world today for years.   He played on the World pro artistic tour, the APTSA. If you are a first time visitor to the site please take the time to look at his bio, DVD series and visit

If you are looking to improve your game, we can help. Take a look at his lesson rates. You will find them to be very competitive. Contact Larry to get started on the road to greatness.

If you have questions on pool, please visit his Encyclopedia of Pool . Here you will find a vast collection of pool and billiards information. There are many articles written by Larry, enough information to fill several books. The best part? It is his free gift to you.

Fast Larry and Wonder Dog tour the world performing over 100 mind boggling trick shots. They are one of the top entertaining acts in the game. Their shows are very affordable.

Visit our billiard store for the best deals on cues and tables of any site on the net. We will not be under sold.  Every sale has a full money back guarantee. 

Our address is PO Box 956130, Duluth, Georgia 30095, Atlanta  USA

Best Wishes,

Fast Larry Guninger

FLE Pool Inc.

Fast Larry Teaches: Trick Shots Vol. 3 and 4 RELEASED!

28 Trick Shots in stunning high quality with history and insights from FL, 1.5 hrs, it comes with vol 4 for free, another 2 hrs of shots you won't believe.  It has taken quite awhile in the final editing process, but is well worth the wait. Go to the Billiard Shop to purchase yours today!


Larry posing with the new Diamond Jubilee Series Balls

Diamond Jubilee Balls Are Now Available!!!

Celebrating Larry's Jubilee year in professional pool,The new set of pro-grade balls;"The Fast Larry Diamond Jubilee Set" is up for sale. This set is calibrated to the highest professional standard of size and weight. Additionally, there will be two other ball sets in the Fast Larry Collection, Check them out today!


Fast Larry Teaches: Trick Shots Vol. 1


DVD Release Announced: How to play pool Vol. 1 and 3.

Shooting has concluded on Fast Larry Teaches pool. This is the first in a series of tutorial videos that Fast Larry will be releasing. This first volume will contain valuable information on the history, equipment, and inside secrets of billiards/pool trick shot play. Additionally, Fast Larry will teach you some neat shots to show your friends and impress your family.

Stay tuned, for other DVD releases coming soon.

Larry became the fastest player alive in 1994, pocketing all 15 billiard balls in just 33.9 seconds, hence the handle " Fast Larry ."

"Larry you are The Great One. The best shotmaker I ever saw." - Ray Martin , 3 time World  Champion and BCA Hall of Famer.